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Who Run the [Dystopian] World? [White] Girls

This has been happening for eons, not just with Dystopian Fiction. However, it’s a great topic to revisit because there are ethnic girls, young women (and men) who should be able to pick up a prolific novel that mirrors their identity. I think the issue here lies with the publishing companies. Someone has to break the barrier and I think the only way to do this is by either going Indie or self-publishing. Write a great novel with ethnic MCs, pay for editing, and publish it on your own. Of course it’s not easy but it is a solution. Popularity and numbers will break barriers.

Be Young & Shut Up

Sharyl Sandberg was right, y’all. In the future, we’re all gonna lean in, and when the world goes to shit, it’s the white ladies that come out on top. A study that shows boys’ numbers lagging behind girls’ in reading might explain the reason for women having to constantly take up the mantle around all these inept future-dudes. But it might better explain the new demographic for the YA (young adult) dystopian novel, which is popularly read by girls and young women. This is neat, considering the sci-fi canon is often thought to belong to male authors and narratives about men, but YA has cornered its niche market by creating tons of female characters for young readers to see themselves reflected in. And even though it’ll take a miracle to get YA to be taken seriously, it’s still a step in the right direction.

But not so fast, have you…

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